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Christina Joy Whittaker

Christina Joy Whittaker

Founder and CEO, KNOWN
United States
When it comes to showing ambitious women and leaders how to advance and become sought-after thought leaders, no one does it better than Christina Joy Whittaker, founder and CEO of KNOWN and the KNOWN Live conference series. An award-winning business and leadership strategist and TEDx speaker, Christina is known for empowering and steering emerging leaders toward higher impact, increased visibility and recognition, and greater career satisfaction. Armed with the superpowers of keen problem-solving abilities, laser focus, and stellar communication skills, she has served as the go-to consultant for high-profile clients and their audiences such as the NBA,McDonald's The Walt Disney Company, and Porsche. Whether she's working with individuals or organizations, Christina's innate ability to turn scattered thoughts and ideas into a clear, achievable vision and strategic solution shine through in every client she consults. Among her many accomplishments, Christina is most proud of leading her clients to success (on their terms) to realize increased impact, career alignment, and launch and grow platforms as successful business and thought leaders. An in-demand speaker, she is well-versed in various topics, including overcoming the impostor syndrome and the murky middle and advancing in corporate America, executive presence, building a professional/personal brand, communicating your value in business and career, pivoting/changing careers, and executive women's leadership.