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Ikenna Iroche

Ikenna Iroche

Executive Coach, B&G Advisory
United Kingdom

IK is a seasoned human capital advisor who focuses solely on helping clients - organisations and individuals - achieve the optimum return on their talent.

He began his career as an executive recruiter (or head-hunter) in January 2000 and has worked with corporate clients and individuals across a range of industry sectors on four continents (Africa, Europe, the Middle East & North America) on a very wide variety of talent advisory projects. IK has assisted blue chip corporates in setting up new business units, growing market share in established territories and achieving greater diversity in their talent pools. He has also helped entrepreneurs build brand new companies and create compelling employee value propositions to support healthy growth.  

IK began coaching executives in 2015 at the request of one of the start-ups that he helped establish.  He helps CEOs improve their decision-making, prepares rising talents to take up leadership positions and helps managers become more effective communicators. IK works with early-stage entrepreneurs providing a dispassionate sounding board and supporting strategic decision-making.  He also works with individuals – including those from minority ethnic backgrounds – looking to accelerate their career trajectories through faster promotions, job interview coaching or advising on contract negotiations. 

IK is a keen athlete who played semi-professional rugby in the English national and regional leagues for 15 years alongside his career as a head-hunter. He also spent the 2011-12 season as Chief Executive of a rugby club which he led to its first league promotion in 12 years. 

Many of IK’s coaching insights are gleaned from thousands of hours of conversation with an extremely diverse range of executives.  And the facets of leadership he has learned through playing sport – focus on the mission, good and clear communication, embracing discomfort, improvement through practice, calmness under pressure – and through leading sports teams – setting clear goals, leading by example, empowering individuals – are directly relatable to the equally competitive corporate environment.  

IK was born in Nigeria and is an alumnus of King’s College Lagos.  He graduated from the London School of Economics in 1999 with a BSc in Economics.