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Leanne Mair

Leanne Mair

Managin Director & Founder, Benefactum Consulting

Leanne Mair is the Managing Director and Founder of Benefactum Consulting, a management consultancy company specialising in helping financial services companies take action in their commitments to gender equity.

Having worked in asset management for over 14 years for global brands such as BlueBay Asset Management and PIMCO. she understands the DNA of the industry with regard to gender equality, leadership and culture. Leanne's expertise is much in demand and she has delivered keynotes to the likes of HSBC Asset Management, CFA Institute UK, Moonfare, Gulf Investment Bank Asset Management and Dax 40 companies in Germany, on governance, culture, sustainability and gender equity.

Leveraging her professional and personal experience, Leanne helps companies identify and navigate key challenges and create meaningful impact through changing their governance, thus improving their culture.

Leanne is also a passionate and talented communicator. From personal coaching and mentorship to initiatives including seminars, a podcast, and a live show designed to reach larger audiences, Leanne fosters conversation and understanding that lead to positive change.